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Designing places that elevate the human experience

At Intersect, our process is our name. We bring diverse people and ideas together to create inspiring places for people to do great things. 

Dig into our process

We’re sooo much more than an A+D firm.

Design from the inside out. It’s an expression we use all the time to make sure we are focusing on people—clients, their customers, and even our own team—first.

It helps us ask the right questions, it brings clarity to their motivations and needs. Because at the end of the day, we make places for people, we don’t make buildings. And so our goal is simple; use the power of design to positively impact people to lead more fulfilled lives.

We do this through a proven process that brings together diverse ideas, experiences, and talents to imagine—and ultimately determine—the appropriate direction. Which, right now, is usually a building, a workplace, a home or a place of worship. But it can be so much more than that.

So designing from the inside out. It’s more than an expression it’s our obsessive pursuit in helping people live more happy, healthy and connected lives.

our core values

At Intersect we approach our work with an optimistic attitude, intentionally choosing to see the good in every challenge. We’re curious, fearless and edgy dreamers. We live with compassionate confidence, respectful and clear.

We seek remarkable hospitality by going above and beyond to support and connect people. We show up for each other and unite around our shared purpose—because we are stronger together.

Meet the team

What we think we’re really good at


Where we align on needs, story and how to best fulfill your people.


Designing experiences for people that go beyond the building.


Inspired buildings that were designed from the inside out.


Amplifying every spaces’ personality with materials, finishes and furniture.


Tell the story of your organization through thoughtful graphics and story elements.

how we get it done

Our process

Your story is unique. And at Intersect, we believe that our process of working together should consistently connect, support and be just as rewarding as the buildings or places we create.


We start here

Learn and engage workshop

This is what we’re known for, an interactive workshop to discover who you are, the things you need and establish your personal ‘why.’


We heard you

Report back and dream

Here is where we align on the vision, goals, guidelines, and story of our project. It’s a place to feel heard and gives us a chance to dream big.


Roll up our sleeves

Analysis and program

During this step, we figure how we’re turning this space—into a place. How is it used,  what is the flow and what is the data to support it.


Make it real


Getting our plan into 3D, picking out finishes and materials, establishing a branding plan—this is the when it all starts coming together.

featured offering

ROI Driven Multifamily Design

We help property managers and investors strategically identify the best opportunities for favorable return on investment for their property. We helps establish standards and high impact opportunities, quicker leasing of units and longer stays once a resident moves in.

Learn about our Multifamily experience