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We are creative at our core and actively seek opportunities to help people love their everyday more fully. At Intersect we are nimble, strategic visionaries who are passionate about happy people.

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Nicole Beaudry

Senior Interior Designer

Nicole comes from a high-end residential background and is a lifelong learner. Having earned multiple degrees and with a love of Art History, she is always finding hands-on ways to influence her current design work.
Nicole focuses on listening and designing for the needs of her clients. She loves bringing the smallest details—like unique fabrics, custom furniture and wallcoverings—to life to help execute her clients vision.

Lexi Callaway

Senior Graphic / Experiential Designer

Lexi is a highly creative person with a strong artistic eye for graphic and environmental design. Her focus on the user experience propels her to design meaningful graphics that tell thoughtful and engaging stories. She uses her sharp graphic design skills to produce high caliber artwork into spaces for people.

Taylor Elenbaas

Interior Designer

Taylor's passion is creating beautiful spaces that make impactful differences in people's lives. She does this by creating and fostering relationships, thoughtful research and innovative thinking.

Danielle D. Gonsalves

Architectural Designer

Dani is a curious, well-travelled, and cultured architectural designer with a passion for teaching. Her recently discovered love for photo-realistic architectural renderings has greatly pushed her forward at Intersect, as well as her strong desire to help others. Her favorite mottos are: “do what you love and love what you do,” and “designing places for people, by people."

Colleen Harman

Student Designer

Marissa Heintz

Interior Designer

Marissa is driven by her love and interest in people and her desire to create environments that help them thrive. She does this through her attentiveness and intentionality with each client to truly understand them. Through her creativity, she translates those needs into empowering spaces.

Mike Hofmann

Director of Architecture and Design

Mike’s passion is developing strong teams and coaching them to success. He helps people and organizations reach their full potential through strategic direction, thoughtful planning, and excellent communication.

Marissa LaDitka

Principal Designer

Marissa specializes in creating dynamic and inviting places for people. Her efficient design process links an organization’s strategic mission and culture with design in an engaging manner.

Marissa’s passion and studies in human behavior, happiness, sustainability and how design influences people provide a unique approach to creating places for people. Her strength in connecting and learning about others allows her to extract the unique qualities of people and organizations and express them though the built environment.

Bill LaDitka

Principal Architect/Planning

Bill is an extremely passionate designer, planner and leader. He excels at helping others make decisions by being able to take control of any situation. He possesses a great deal of stamina to continuously learn and pushes those around him to achieve more daily. He believes anything is possible when people work productively together as a team with great clarity of mission.

Emily Markopoulos

Sr. Interior Designer

Emily brings great focus and drive as she inspires her teams through each project. She is able to cast vision for projects and communicate well as she leans on her teams individual strengths.

As a project manager and designer, Emily is always looking for the answer to the question, ‘why?’

Her positivity and strategic-thinking fuels her passion to focus on crafting experiences that truly connect people with the places around them.

Wristen Paschich

Architectural Designer

Wristen is deeply passionate about our built environment. Understanding that we all inhabit architecture nearly every moment of every day he is keenly aware of the impact it can have on our psychology, emotions, and senses.

Born and raised in the desert southwest, light, color and texture are attributes of buildings that keep Wristen excited.

Kayla Pennock

Studio Admin & Finance Coordinator.

Kayla is a very independent and confident member of our studio support team. She focuses on the right priorities at the right time, and prides herself on Getting Things Done. From finance to hospitality, Kayla is always looking for ways to serve and shine a light wherever she can.

Lindsay Reed

Project Manager / Architect

Lindsay's curiosity and resourcefulness serve her well whether she's researching design solutions or backpacking across the globe. She believes that building trust and open communication with clients and partners is the crucial key to a successful project and takes pride in cultivating rewarding relationships.

Lindsay also loves mentoring her team and celebrating the amazing work that they do each and every day.

Josilyn Welch

Interior Designer

Josilyn naturally makes an impact in everything she does. She is driven by a passion and a commitment towards thoughtfully planned environments. Her focus on communicating ideas and bringing energy to spaces allow for her to take a very human-centered design approach.

She is driven to create functional, inspiring and individualized spaces that maximize everyday experiences. At the Studio, Josilyn lives for the moment at hand, and brings excitement and freedom to our culture everyday.

Thomas Wrench

Director of Story and Experience

Thomas loves working both creatively and operationally. He loves helping clients uncover the true power of their own story and then using strategy, digital experiences and design to translate those stories into designed places.
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