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We focus on people. We listen. We inspire. We propel.

At Intersect, we love to inspire people! We understand happiness and human behavior. By reading, studying, watching, talking and dreaming we’ve discovered what influences how people feel in the places they live and work. Happy people perform better, are healthier, and are more engaged. At our core, we understand that designing for your organization’s mission is the key to the success of your space.

Design has the power to
transform and propel teams

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We design…

We know that design can propel your mission. As a result our focus is on rallying your people around your mission. Which will help drive your mission in the right direction.  The key to our success is not only our ability to clearly define the problem to be solved, but to also help you navigate the endless possibilities and find exactly what is right for you. We help you make decisions with good data, options, research, trends, and projections. We love to see people do what they do better—happier. We are inspired and look for opportunities to inspire others everywhere we go.

  • Budget Cost / Analysis
  • Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Design: Inside and Out
  • Urban Design
  • Facility Assessment
  • DNA/Cultural Assessment
  • Community Engagement
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Furniture Selection
  • Brand Clarity + Identification
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Fundraising + Marketing Packages
  • Team Education: How design supports your mission
  • Project Management
  • Construction Administration
  • Implementation Coordination
  • Finishing touches: make it feel like home

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We create meaningful, high performing places for people to be great.

Ron Jackson Workplace

Kruggel Lawton Workplace

Redwood Capital Group

Exchange Model Unit


32 Social

Hospitality Station

Honor Credit Union Branding

Planning & Urban Design

Intersect with the Community

Pecha Kucha Kalamazoo

Passionate tribe of designers, thinkers and doers.

We are creative at our core and actively seek opportunities to help people love their everyday more fully. We accomplish this through design. At Intersect we are nimble, strategic visionaries who are passionate about happy people, and driven to win and excel. We’re happy because we want to be. We’re leaders, learners and teachers, because we are not passive observers in this life. We want your workplace to support your mission, and for it to feel connected to your most important asset—your people. And for you to have fun like never before.

Bill LaDitka
Principal Architect/Planning
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Marissa LaDitka
Pricipal Designer LEED AP, IIDA Associate
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Chelsea Haverdink
Student Designer

Emily Markopoulos
Interior Designer
IIDA Associate

Fred Vasquez
Architectural Designer

Jim Derks
Architect & Designer

Joy Sportel
Architect & Designer

Kendra Daniel
Architectural Designer

Laila Miada
Interior Designer

Megan Burtzloff
Senior Interior Designer

Nicole Semmler
Studio Lead/Architectural Designer
Associate AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Stephany Bagnall
Graphic Designer

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