A restaurant experience that is dramatic, extravagant & rich.

This grill house concept offers a dramatic, extravagant, and rich dining experience, celebrating the tenacity and radical change of post-Prohibition America. The concept tells two interwoven storylines: the history of the bank and the rumored history of Sturgis during the Post-Prohibition. The restaurant’s food menu signifies the celebration of a new era, featuring the best dry-aged steaks and craft cocktails in Michigan. The design impact of the Amendment is characterized by a blend of curvy, romantic, and organic elements juxtaposed with minimalistic features to establish hierarchy. The design incorporates extravagance, elegance, and refinement, with playful and frivolous touches such as ridiculous curves and unnecessary romantic features.

Rich materials and textures are used throughout the design, creating an interactive and tactile experience. The lighting is dramatic and mysterious, with high contrast to create an intimate and moody atmosphere. The design is based on a historic/art deco foundation with a modern update, ensuring that every detail is intentional and makes a statement. The overall ambiance is described as “perfectly simple and sophisticated,” with exaggerated and lush features that create an engaging and memorable dining experience.




  • Schematic Design
  • Programming
  • Budgeting
  • Interior Design
  • Architecture
  • Restaurant