A Calibrated Workplace for Precision & Team Growth

269 Magazine Wonderful Workplaces Recipient 2018

The new Kruggel Lawton CPAs office in Saint Joseph, Michigan, has a strong emphasis on hospitality for both their clients and their staff.  It is divided into two zones so that work collaboration and recharging in the private (back of house) zone does not interfere with client hospitality and confidentiality in the public zone.  A strong balance was also achieved in the work zone between focused tasks which require a high degree of precision and enough openness to foster team growth, mentorship, and collaboration.  This was achieved by crafting work stations that isolate sound and visible distractions, but with high levels of transparency so co-workers can still see each other thereby communicating availability.  The transparency also allows daylighting to penetrate deep into the building maximizing its wellness benefits for the entire staff.


St Joseph, MI




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