Coldwater Planning

Downtown Destination Vision

When an urban building becomes functionally obsolete, too costly to update and doesn’t contribute to the street, opportunities for new places present themselves.  In Coldwater, the proposed removal of an old funeral home opened the door to create a place for community celebrations at the center of town, which is missing today.  The new event lawn with loggia for farmer’s market, pavilion for indoor events, performance stage, memorial and great human comfort amenities creates a Place for all to experience throughout the year.  The design also links the current identity of the “Four Corners” with City Hall uniting in a strong civic presence for Downtown Coldwater.

Crosstown Kalamazoo

Crosstown Site Plan Concept

Bringing you into the city

The advent of Euclidean zoning proliferated the separation of our built environment with singular uses starting in the 1920’s.  This caused a severe decay of our traditional highly walkable and mixed-use neighborhoods.  This can be seen prominently in Kalamazoo at the suburban style strip center located in the area defined by Crosstown, Westnedge, Howard and Park Streets.

Intersect was engaged to spark a rebirth of this important place which is the connector between neighborhoods and the southern urban gateway into Kzoo.  The proposal includes:

  • Reduction of the massive singular retail building in favor of more fine-grained urban buildings
  • Human scale proportions and highly detailed pedestrian environment.
  • Parking field distribution into smaller areas between/ behind buildings.
  • Mixed-use; Residential over retail/ office.
  • Range of retail store size options to support local business growth.
  • New to Kalamazoo;  Urban Townhouses.

Our work

  • Urban Design
  • Streetscape Design
  • Community Planning