Bill LaDitka

Principal Architect / Planning


Principal Architect/Planning
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Bill is an extremely passionate designer, planner and leader. He excels at helping others make decisions by being able to take control of any situation. He possesses a great deal of stamina to continuously learn and pushes those around him to achieve more daily. He believes anything is possible when people work productively together as a team with great clarity of mission.

Bill’s 21+ years of architectural experience includes a significant focus on urban buildings and planning. He is a member of the Congress for New Urbanism and is passionate about helping communities flourish. According to the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, Bill’s top talent theme is Strategic. He uses this talent to bring efficiency and clarity of implementation to a client’s vision. Bill’s planning abilities are used to understand how spaces can be united and sequenced to bring life to each project.

His extremely diverse project background and balance between technical abilities and creative design allow him to lead teams through all phases of a project. Bill’s passion is inspiring people to do more than they thought possible.

His wealth of experiences lead him to establish Intersect Studio in 2016 with the focus on Inspiring people and projects.


  • Masters in Architecture: Kent State University
  • SCI-ARC: Vico Morcote, Switzerland
  • Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighere: Florence, Italy


Congress for New Urbanism

Civic Leadership

  • Pecha Kucha City Organizer:Kalamazoo Mi, St. Joseph Mi
  • Green Town Conference Presenter